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KV 9/12 (Item No. 599609801)

Husqvarna Cutting Cart for K970 or K1270

Husqvarna Cutting Cart for K970 or K1270
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Husqvarna Construction Products

  • Cutting cart for use with K970 or K1270 gas power cutter
  • Ideal accessory for concrete cutting, pile cutting, minor asphalt work, masonry work, gas/water/sewer maintenance, or landscape work
  • The quick mounts make it easy to install the cutters on the cart
  • Efficient control of cutting depth facilitates adjustment and return to previous setting
  • Simple lateral adjustment enables cutting in straight or curved lines
  • Wheels are laterally adjustable, and allow cutting close to walls and curbs
  • Easy to fold up and transport
  • Complete with a 4 gallon pressurized water tank with hose

Seller's Note:  K970 gas power cutter sold separately

KV 9/12
Husqvarna cutting carts are designed specifically for Husqvarna's K970 or K1270 handheld gas power cutters. The quick connections make it easy to install the cutter on the cart, and the cutting depth is easy to adjust. With a cutting cart it's easy to cut in straight or curved lines, and close to walls and curbstones. The design is compact and they are easy to fold up and transport.

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