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BN Products Plaster Mixing Paddle - 120, 140 or 160 mm

BN Products Plaster Mixing Paddle - 120, 140 or 160 mm



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BN Products Power Mixers

  • Designed for mixing plasters, adhesive mortars, mortars, tile adhesives and fillers
  • Best used for sticky, viscous materials
  • Mixes bottom to top
  • 120 mm (4.75"), 140 mm (5.50"), or 160 mm (6.25") diameter
  • 51 cm (20") length

How do I know what paddle size I need?

Allow for the paddle's diameter to be between a third and a half of the mixing tub or container. For example, if the diameter of the paddle is 120 mm (5 inches) then the mixing container or tub would need to be between 240-360 mm (10"-15"). It has to be measured this way so that the paddle fits in the container comfortably without getting stuck or damaging the container.

Compatible with Mixer Type   BNR6169 & BNR6400
Material Flow   Bottom to Top
Diameter   120 mm (4.75") or 140 mm (5.50")
Overall Length   60 cm (24")
Connection   M14x2 Male Threads

What Our Customers Are Saying

Great company to do business with. The metal saw that I bought was an answer to my long-standing prayers. I can finally zip right through rebar and get projects finished quickly. I do not understand how this mighty little saw can cut rebar 1/2 rebar so quickly and leave the ends so smooth and yet cool to the touch! Fast shipping and great service makes me want to return to this store.  - Steven