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Construction Concepts International provides competitive pricing on a variety of construction equipment. Don't be ignored by other, email, or fax us and within 24 hours a member of our staff will be in contact with you (yes, a real human being!). No matter what your job requires CCI is here to help you get the answers you need so you can find the right tool for the job.

CCI offers a variety of tools including rebar cutters, rebar benders, power mixers, power cutters, pneumatic air tools, pneumatic nail guns, pneumatic sprayers, low-voltage enclosures, generators, concrete vibrators, hand tools and more. In addition CCI also offers replacement parts, parts breakdowns and troubleshooting help for many if not most of the power tools we offer.


Edge "Dakura" Eyewear Black Frame / Clear Lens

Edge "Dakura" Eyewear Black Frame / Clear Lens
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Edge Safety Eyewear

  • ANSI Z87.1 2003 Certified
  • Wrap-around Frame
  • Fog & Scratch Resistant Coated Lenses
  • High Mass Impact Tested
  • Drop Ball Impact Tested
  • High Velocity Impact Tested
  • Anti-Refraction Tested
  • Resolving Power Tested

EDGE Eye Safety
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there were over 36,000 job site eye injuries reported during 2004. Other reports from OSHA estimate over 1,000 eye injuries per day across the USA. Over 60% of these cases occurred in manufacturing, construction, or trade services industries. While it is not surprising that the majority of injuries happened on the job site, many are shocked when they realize 400 eye injuries occur everyday away from the job sit in ordinary activities of life. Too many people have a false sense of security in everyday activities and don't believe safety eyewear is necessary. On the job site, three out of every five persons who suffered an injury were not wearing any safety glasses at all because the glasses were uncomfortable or unfashionable. Many others were injured while wearing glasses that were not appropriate for their activity. Edge Eyewear is dedicated to designing and producing safety eyewear which will eliminate eye injuries by complying with the standards written by ANSI and enforced by OSHA for this purpose.

We take light management seriously. Our scratch and fog resistant lenses are tapered to eliminate refraction, and our polycarbonate lenses comply with ANSI Z87.1 2003 standards. Both offer UVA, UVB, and UVC protection.

Edge Eyewear employs soft and pliable Megol material in its temple tips and nose pads. As it is exposed to warmth and moisture from perspiration, Megol becomes tacky, firmly securing your glasses to your face.

Edge Eyewear's revolutionary temple construction includes EDGE-FLEX technology, which offers flexibility and shock absorption. Strong and durable, Edge glasses feature screws, rather than plastic connectors, at the temple.

Edge frames are designed for all day, every day wear and tear. Made from a lightweight, flexible, and shatter-resistant compound of Grilamid TR90, Edge Eyewear's wrap around design eliminates side shield distortion.

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