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9" BN Products Mi850 Laser Welded Diamond Blade

9" BN Products Mi850 Laser Welded Diamond Blade
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BN Products USA Rebar Tools

  • Cuts 30% Faster and has TWICE the life of comparable blades
  • Fastest cutting, lowest cost per cut universal blade
  • "M-Technology" for self-cooling
  • 10mm segment length for longer blade life
  • Economically priced universal diamond blade
  • Designed for dry or wet cutting applications
  • Features Safety Standards, Self-Cooling, Armoured Blade Core, Engineered Core, Semi Silent, Lightning Fast, and Laser Welded Technologies
  • Excellent for use on Building Materials, Concrete Products, Granite and Natural Stone, and Iron and Steel

Since 1979, the Marcrist Company in the United Kingdom has designed and sold diamond blades for the European market. Their innovative designs and patented features helped them to become one of the largest diamond blade suppliers in Europe. They are the largest supplier of diamond blades to both Switzerland and Germany. Marcrist is now offering their blades in the USA through a joint venture company called BN Products USA. They have made their blades available for purchase through our distribution website.

Blade Size   9"
Arbor Size   7/8" - 5/8"
Maximum Speed   6,800 rpm
Key Features   Safety Standards Guarantee
Armoured Blade Core
Engineered Core
Lightning Fast
Laser Welded
Shipping Dimensions   9.25" x 9.25" x 1"
Shipping Weight   1.2 lbs

CastleRock Safety Guarantee Technology   SAFETY GUARANTEE
CastleRock diamond products comply with every known safety standard worldwide.
CastleRock Self Cooling Technology   SELF COOLING
Titanium coated diamonds provide a self-cooling and self-sharpening cutting edge.
CastleRock Engineered Core Technology   ENGINEERED CORE
Precision engineered core that is hardened, ground, balanced, and tensioned.
CastleRock Armoured Blade Core Feature   ARMOURED BLADE CORE
Patented armoured center for blade strength beyond belief.
CastleRock Lightning Fast Feature   LIGHTNING FAST
Engineered to guarantee lightning fast cutting.
CastleRock Semi Silent Feature   SEMI-SILENT
Patented noise suppression for semi-silent operation.
CastleRock Laser Welded Feature   LASER WELDED
CastleRock uses double laser welding. Each segment is laser welded not once, but twice for optimum diamond performance.

» First with an armoured core (patented) for strength and noise reduction
» First with a dynamically balanced grinding head for reduced vibration (less chipping)
» First to pioneer double laser welding that fuses diamonds and prevents segment separation (safety)
» First to offer "M-Technology" blades (runs cooler and faster)
» First to guarantee no loss of segments on the "M-segment Technology" blades (they do not break off like other blades)
» Patented noise reduction pattern that allows for viewing of the material being cut through the blade
» Mix of real diamonds with synthetic diamonds, plus coating of titanium for self-sharpening
» Blades have been matched against several top brands by independent German lab testing... BN Products USA blades cut faster and last longer! We have the results.

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