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JackJaw 300 U Channel, T Post, and Grounding Rod Puller

JackJaw 300 U Channel, T Post, and Grounding Rod Puller
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JackJaw Stake, Rod and Post Pullers

  • Pulls U channel posts, "T" posts, and grounding rods
  • Post width / grip range: 1/8" to 3/4"
  • Removes sign posts and ground rods straight out with just a few pumps!
  • Powerful all steel construction
  • The premier sign post puller in the market
  • Lightweight (21 lbs) and easy to use
  • Taller 29" frame height allows for pulling stakes without bending over
  • 36" handle for powerful 16:1 mechanical advantage
  • Eliminates dangerous, costly operations and bent, unusable stakes
  • Prevents damage to concrete
  • Positive grip prevents back, shoulder strain, and whiplash from slipping pullers
  • Made in the USA

JJ0300 | The JackJaw® 300 is the fast, easy, and safe way to extract U pickets, T posts, and grounding rods. Designed for material thickness from 1/8" to 3/4". This puller extracts sign posts straight out of any surface with just a few pumps. It is lightweight (21 lbs) and made of heavy gauge steel plate and tubing. The patented jaw mechanism provides a positive grip that prevents back and shoulder strain that results from the whiplash of other pullers. The sturdy lever arm gives you a 16 to 1 mechanical advantage. A 100 lb down force on the handle generates a 1,600 lb upward force and a 3,200 lb gripping force on the post.

Tilted posts? No problem! Just lean the JackJaw® to align with the post!

JackJaw® stake pullers provide the mechanical advantage needed to get the job done with minimal effort and no back strain. A 100 pound-force push down on the handle generates:

  Gripping Force
  Upward Force
100   9 to 1   1800   900
200   9 to 1   1800   900
300   16 to 1   3200   1600
400   12 to 1   2400   1200
500   28 to 1   5600   2800

JackJaw® stake extractors are produced in Dayton, OH from heavy gauge steel plate and tubing to withstand everyday job site use. The gripping jaws of the JackJaw® puller are made from case hardened AR400 steel that will last for thousands of pulls. JackJaw® units have a zinc and clear chromate plating for long lasting durability and corrosion resistance. No paint to chip.

When it is necessary, the jaws are easily replaced in the field using common tools. Order jaw kit CA0010 for single bladed link arm models (100 Series, 200 Series), or jaw kit CA0006 for clevis link arm models (300 Series, 400 Series, 500 Series).

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