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DM 220 (Item No. 966563503)

Husqvarna Wet/Dry Handheld 3-Speed Core Drill Motor

Husqvarna Wet/Dry Handheld 3-Speed Core Drill Motor
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Husqvarna Construction Products

  • 2.3 hp, 3-speed Electric Handheld Core Drill Motor
  • For handheld core drilling or mounted on the DS 250 Drill Stand for angle drilling
  • Maximum bit diameter 3" (handheld) or 6" (w/ stand)
  • Used for dry applications when drilling bricks, blocks, or other building materials
  • Used for wet applications when drilling reinforced concrete
  • Ideal tool for drilling smaller holes for ventilation, plumbing pipes, joints, electrical sockets, and telecom cable openings

Seller's Note:  Core drill bit and stand sold separately

DM 220 | The Husqvarna DM 220 is a handheld electric core drill for both dry and wet drilling. This core drill has a level guiding system with LED indicator, making it a perfect choice when looking for a drill motor with precision and efficiency. The ergonomically designed handle with D-handle gives you good control while drilling. Handheld core drilling up to 4 in or drilling with stand up to 6 in. Suitable for light applications such as ventilation, plumbing pipes, electrical sockets and cables. An excellent choice for professionals as well as less experienced users.

Power   2.3 hp
Motor   1-phase, electric
Voltage   115 V
Rated Output   1,100 W
Rated Current   15 A
Speeds   3
Spindle Speed, no load   900 / 2,150 / 4,500 rpm
Spindle Speed, full load   500 / 1,400 / 2,900 rpm
Maximum Bit Diameter (w/ stand)   6"
Maximum Bit Diameter (handheld)   3"
Mounting Collar   238"
Spindle Thread (outer)   1-1/4"-7
Spindle Thread (inner)   5/8"-11
UNC Water Coupling   G 1/4"
Sound Pressure Level   90 dB
Sound Power Level   94 dB
Weight   15.4 lbs
Recommended Generator Size   3,500 W
Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year

» Drilling machine with an electronic system for exact positioning. The system guides the operator when positioning and starting a hole, resulting in more efficient drilling.
» Equipped with an LED indicator that shows when the machine is in a vertical or horizontal position, and can also be calibrated to help guide the operator while angle drilling.
» The positioning system makes it possible for the operator to focus on drilling while controlling the position of the machine via the LED indicators.
» Dust collection system can be used for dry drilling to reduce dust (for use with bits that have 1-1/4"-7 adapters).
» Smartstart™ reduces drill motor RPM's to decrease vibration when starting a hole.
» Softstart™ slowly increases motor RPM's when starting, which reduces wear on the motor and brushes.
» The Elgard function significantly increases the motor's operating life by protecting it from overload. An LED indicates the machine's load and helps the operator drill with maximum efficiency at all times and warns the user of an approaching overload.

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