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AEROPRO USA Reversible Airless Fine Finish Sprayer Tip, Multiple Sizes Available

AEROPRO USA Reversible Airless Fine Finish Sprayer Tip, Multiple Sizes Available
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AEROPRO USA Professional Pneumatic Tools

  • Fine Finish Reversible Sprayer Tip
  • 4", 6", 10" or 12" Fan Width  (measured at 12" from the surface)
  • 0.010" - 0.021" Tip Hole Sizes
  • For use with the A818C-2 spray gun, but also will fit most brands
  • Maximum Quality Tungsten Carbide Tip For Fine Finish Work
  • 6,500 Square Meter Painting Lifetime
  • 3,000 psi Max Working Pressure

Compatible with:

  • Graco Fine Finish RAC X

Aero Pro How To Determine Tip Size 
Replace Tips Often For Maximum Performance

Watch for runs or sags in the spray pattern as signs of a worn tip. Don't increase pressure to combat these problems. You'll only waste paint and increase wear on the pump. Simply replace the worn tip. Worn-out tips also wear components in your equipment much faster. By spraying materials with correctly sized tips and replacing tips when necessary, you'll maximize productivity and save paint...which means more money for you.

How To Determine If Your Tip Is Worn

When a sprayer tip wears, the orifice gets bigger and rounder resulting in a smaller fan pattern. When the fan has lost 25% of  its original size, it is time to replace the tip. At this point the sprayer tip outputs 30% more paint on 25% less area. Continuing to spray with a worn tip means painting takes longer, more paint gets used, and the finish may be uneven and have runs.

Five Ways To Extend Tip Life

1.  Spray at the lowest atomization pressure
2.  Strain the material before you spray it
3.  Use the correct size filters
4.  Clean the filters after every use
5.  Clean the tip with a soft-bristled brush

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