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Construction Concepts International provides competitive pricing on a variety of construction equipment. Don't be ignored by other, email, or fax us and within 24 hours a member of our staff will be in contact with you (yes, a real human being!). No matter what your job requires CCI is here to help you get the answers you need so you can find the right tool for the job.

CCI offers a variety of tools including rebar cutters, rebar benders, power mixers, power cutters, pneumatic air tools, pneumatic nail guns, pneumatic sprayers, low-voltage enclosures, generators, concrete vibrators, hand tools and more. In addition CCI also offers replacement parts, parts breakdowns and troubleshooting help for many if not most of the power tools we offer.

K 4000 Wet (Item No. 967084001)

14" Husqvarna Wet Electric Saw

14" Husqvarna Wet Electric Saw
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Husqvarna Construction Products

  • 14", 2.4 hp Wet Electric Power Cutter
  • Ideal for quick and easy cutting of building block, pipe, reinforcement bar, supports, etc.
  • Powerful, versatile electric cutter with wet cutting kit
  • Allows for possible equip with Vac Dust Reducer attachment (see below)
  • Blade rotates forward, cutting into the material efficiently and with minimum effort
  • Now improved with spray guard and a lighter blade guard
  • Perfect for indoor cutting jobs with minimal dust and slurry

Seller's Note:  Blade sold separately

K 4000 Wet | The Husqvarna K 4000 Wet Electric is one of the world's most powerful and versatile electric saws. This machine offers new alternatives for cutting outside as well as inside. With it's powerful motor (2.4hp), ergonomic design, and deep cutting capacity, it's the best in its class. The K 4000 Wet Electric is not an angle grinder, it is a concrete saw from the ground up.

Motor Electric 120 V, 1800 W
Rated Output 15 Amps
Power 2.4 hp
Depth of Cut 5"
Blade Capacity 14"
Maximum Blade Speed 4,500 rpm
Weight (Including Blade) 22 lbs
Warranty 3 Months

K3000 Wet Cutting Capability Feature Wet Cutting Capability, indoors and outdoors
The K 3000 Wet enables convenient, dust-free cutting indoors.
K3000 Integrated Regulator Feature Integrated Regulator
K 3000 Wet has an integrated regulator that controls the water volume, ensuring a constant flow to the blade. The amount of water is sufficient to bind the dust without creating an excess of water.
K3000 Elgard Feature
The advanced electronic overload protection - varies the rotation speed to warn of approaching overload.
K3000 Pulling Rotation Feature Pulling Rotation
Pulling rotation reduces the risk of sticking and kickback.

  • »  Adjustment to openings
  • »  Blocks, curbstones, and pavers 
  • »  Cast concrete
  • »  Deep cutting
  • »  Floors and walls
  • »  Grooves
  • »  Pipe Trenches
  • »  Pipes

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I ordered your stucco sprayer when I found the local rental places did not carry them. After researching various sprayers online I chose yours and was very pleased with how well it worked. My Mother is also pleased with the way her basement wall looks now. The CFB is no longer showing on the outside of her home.  - Greg